Biomechanical Assessment


We See if an Altered Movement Pattern Exists and What Can be Done to Fix it

A bio mechanical assessment is a study of your body’s movement patterns as you complete a specific task such as walking, jumping or throwing. It is the intent of this assessment to see if an altered movement pattern exists and if so what can be done to eliminate it.

Why might I need a bio mechanical assessment?

Poor mechanics of the lower limb can lead to numerous lower limb injuries as the body attempts to compensate for deficiencies or abnormalities. Common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, anterior knee pain, achilles tendonitis, shin pain, and back pain, along with many other lower limb or hip problems, can be worsened with poor lower limb mechanics. Injuries where this is a factor will tend to be chronic or recurrent.

What is involved in a bio mechanical assessment?

The assessment is a structured scientific examination of the lower limb. You need to wear shorts and we look at your walking patterns, do various measurements, and analyze how your lower limb function is affected. We will also look at your shoes to determine wear patterns, both with everyday use and with sporting shoes. Finally, the findings are explained to you and recommendations are discussed.